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HK Hikes: Tung Chung Rescue Trail

By On January 2, 2017

New year, new you! Happy 2017 everyone. How have you spent your new year so far, or is that too premature of a question to ask? Anyways, I think if you live… Read More

City Guide

#helloabellaeats: Top HK Restaurants 2016

By On December 16, 2016

Hey y’all. Instead of being apologetic about why I don’t post that often, I’m just going to write. I’ve never done this before, but people – you ask me so much about… Read More

Brand collaboration

Introverted Extrovert

By On November 26, 2016

Hey everyone! Thank you SO much for all your support on my previous post, it was such a treat. This time I’m release photos from my shoot with Hong Kong designer¬†Maisha Concept,… Read More

Casual outfits

How to be a size 14 in a size 8 world

By On November 12, 2016

Hey guys! How you been? Here’s a little update in my life – I left hkclubbing and wcity after two years and have moved onto WGSN. *insert trumpet noises and stuff* Yeah… Read More

Beauty & Hair Guide

I Tried All 20 of These Liquid Lipsticks…

By On October 15, 2016

Omg guys – the swatches are finally here, and this monster of a video has finally been edited. I know some of you might not want to actually hear me yammering, so… Read More

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The Golden Child,

By On September 20, 2016

Oh hello hello! Finally back dong what I do best – or well, what I did in the beginning I guess. If you haven’t followed me since the beginning, you’re lucky because… Read More

Beauty & Hair Guide

The One Trick to Perfect Your Concealer + Avoid Creases

By On September 12, 2016

Well hello there! It has been awhile hasn’t it. Well you know me, my information comes in bursts, and I never want to half-ass anything (when you can full-ass everything…) ha –… Read More

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Best Office Delivered Gift Ever… (And my meltdown story)

By On July 25, 2016

Hey guys! OMG, how scary was it when my site went down?! I was seriously in a meltdown and I was so upset. Here’s what my meltdown was about The story goes… Read More

Casual outfits

How to Pick the Most Flatter Off-Shoulder Tops

By On July 18, 2016

Hey guys! Haven’t posted an outfit post in a while, but thank god Gabrielle is finally back in town so we can get the ball rolling again. I know Hong Kong has… Read More

Beauty & Hair Guide

STEP BY STEP: How to Master the Cat Eyeliner

By On June 27, 2016

Hey everyone! Yes, the promised part two exists. So after I told you guys my holy grails of eyeliners in part one, here’s how I ACTUALLY draw my cat/wing tip eyeliner. Clicky… Read More